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What do you think of when you hear the work” inflammation”?. If you are like most people you will recall a time when you sprained an ankle or strained a muscle. You may have experienced swelling and pain and were told by your doctor  or therapist to take an anti-inflammatory medication, use ice and elevation. This is a relatively common,  and self-limiting reaction that eventually leads to healing.

Inflammation is the body’s natural, normal defensive response to a tissue injury. A typical inflammatory response has recognizable hallmark characteristics of redness, heat, swelling and pain. While the mechanisms are a bit complex,  It is important to understand the basic processes involved, or the  cascade of events that occur when the body is in this state we term “inflammation”.  I will simplify the explanation with just some essential facts.

The inflammatory response is the body’s elaborate response to an insult. It is stimulated…

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Dr Mark Hyman, MD : “Besides eating whole foods, and moving your body, getting enough sleep is the most important thing for your health.”
I feel this is a simplified, easy to understand concept, however for the majority of people it remains difficult to implement. Following are what I consider the top 3 ‘reasons’ why people do not follow this advice and enjoy healthier lives?
* Time– We are busier than ever and neglecting the basics of proper nutrition, exercise and sleep. We are paying with the currency of our health. Truth is, We make time for what is most important to us.
* Physical limitations and pain: Most people who have physical disabilities such as back pain, arthritis or other chronic limiting conditions ( obesity) are sedentary and spend less time eating healthy whole foods and less time in quality sleep.
*Mental Emotional: Acute and chronic stress and emotional and mental conditions ( depression, addictions..) predispose one to poor eating habits, excessive or inadequate sleep duration and poor sleep quality and lack of healthy exercise and activities.
While these simple concepts, if implemented, are instrumental in the prevention of disease, they require changes in behavior and therefore are a challenge for most people.
Share with me your challenges, or contact me privately to discuss how I can design a program that will help you achieve better health.



— Mark Hyman, M.D. (@markhymanmd) September 16, 2014

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