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Monthly Archives: January 2014

“Each patient carries his own doctor inside him. We are at our best when we give the doctor who resides within a chance to go to work” Albert Schweitzer, MD

As I began my morning hike today, my head  was filled with the garden variety of  normal thoughts, worries and the many obligations of the day. I scarcely looked up, staring intently at the ground moving under my feet. I continued with determination, stepping carefully, so not to stumble on a rock or lose traction on an incline. As expected,  within about 15 minutes after starting my walk in nature, my head very reluctantly begins to clear, cares and worries begin to dissipate and give way to clarity. I  lift my head, looking up and see the vision of the  curves of a mountain looming in front of me, dotted with green cacti  and contrasted with the deep blue azure sky. It is then that a random thought boldly proclaims  that this vision I see before me is    ” perfect just as it is” and ” I wouldn’t change anything about it, if I could.”  I suspend all other thoughts for a moment as  I savor this vision, in awe of the natural beauty. It occurred to me that perhaps this is what we will say when we are no longer controlled by our minds and bodies but live only as spirit, in the present moment. When we can arrive at a place of perfect acceptance, knowing that every circumstance we have faced, and in particular the most difficult and challenging ones, has contributed to the place where we will find perfect peace. What if ..we arrive at our spiritual destination and recognize that truly every experience in our lifetime, has counted for some good, contributing to who we are, and it was perfect just as it was, and in looking back, we discover we  wouldn’t want to  change a thing, even if we could.



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