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Your body is your most faithful friend…the sacred vessel that holds your spirit. I can think of few things more worthy of your devotion.” Tieraona Low Dog, MD Center for Integrative Medicine

I have wrestled with the question of why I am witnessing a profound increase in conditions like diabetes, chronic joint and bodily pain, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, auto-immune conditions, and many other chronic conditions in my patients. Despite being told we have a sophisticated and technologically advanced health care system, we have an undeniable epidemic of chronic disease, that is stealing our health and the health of future generations. Where do we begin, when attempting to unravel the causes for this stark increase?

Over the last year, we have heard almost continuously about the “novel coronavirus.” We have come to fear this invisible enemy.

However, I believe it is not the latest microbe, virus, or pathogen we should be worried about. In fact, the viruses that plagued our ancestors are living symbiotically within, and among us right now. Viruses in particular have been continually mutating and present a moving target for scientists to attempt to subdue or eradicate. Viruses depend on a host to replicate and therefore they do not aim to kill their host.

In earlier times, we had plagues of all kinds and the focus was on creating medicines to eliminate or subdue the disease-causing pathogens. This is what the practice of early medicine was based on and thankfully, it was highly successful. Because of this, we may come to view all viruses and bacteria as disease-causing. The truth is some cause life-threatening diseases, and some do not. Some may actually help us fight other diseases. Many become part of our microbiome, along with bacteria and fungi. We are just beginning to understand the importance of the microbiome in our overall health.

So, in summary, Science will always need to work on advancements in controlling deadly contagious diseases, however, I feel we have neglected the factors that have led to the dire predicament of escalating disease that is slowly and steadily stealing our health and longevity.

The foundational problem lies with Systemic Inflammation and a toxic body burden that creates a perfect internal environment for disease to take root. It is not the latest ‘bug’ that is threatening us as much as it is the fact that we have ignored the internal milieu of the body and have failed to create a healthy internal terrain that resists disease. Unlike the earlier days, when most deaths were caused by microbes, and doctors and scientists saved the day, present-day medicine does not enjoy a successful track record in preventing and reversing chronic disease, the primary cause of death, shortened life spans, and reduced quality of life.

As a health care practitioner and also a patient within the health care system, I have both experienced and witnessed the shortcomings of traditional medical practices. I have taken on the mission of researching the ways we can reduce and reverse this chronic disease trend. What are the practical ways I can positively influence my patient’s health trajectory? I walk this road every day myself and would not ask any of my patients to do what I am unwilling to do.

After many years of clinical experience, education, and enduring countless hours on my computer, I am excited to share that I have published a best-selling book, Staying Healthy, Living Longer- 7 Powerful Principles for a Healthier You!

Using my own health challenges, stories of patients I have treated, and my studies in Functional Medicine I have outlined a framework that can set you on course for a healthier life.

My book will teach you how to:

  1. Build a Body that Resists disease using 7 time-tested and proven principles, regardless of your age!
  2. Unlearn the beliefs and habits that contribute to sickness, dis-ease, and lack of fulfillment.
  3. Gain the tools necessary for healthy eating to reverse disease and attain lifelong health.
  4. Learn to love movement and reap the rewards of exercise in simple, practical ways.
  5. Build muscular strength and resiliency and restore your energy reserves.
  6. Awaken to how you might heal the body, mind, and spirit, which is the essence of true and complete healing.

I believe we can positively affect our healthspan, life span, and the aging process with some simple strategies. Regardless of your present health status, you can make a positive difference if you apply the information in this book.

It is available on AMAZON as a paperback, hardcover, and Kindle download. For a limited time during the launch period, Discounts are available! Please share with family and friends! 

You can also find it through my website:

To your healing, health, and peace.❣











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