We are now about 1 week into Spring,  and with it the rites of the  season  which are: New life, Rebirth, and Renewal. The weather in certain parts of the country may still seem cold, and gloomy but the transformation is taking place nonetheless. We can sense it, and also feel its unmistakable presence. The sun is warming  the earth and bringing forth changes in the atmosphere and likewise in our spirits. We feel more alive, more energetic.

Spring is always a welcome visitor after a long, cold or dark winter. We are eager to shake off the heaviness and burdensome blanket winter has cast over us and all  the earth. It is fitting that this is also the season that we recognize the renewal and transformation that took place over 2,000 years ago when Jesus entered into his ‘winter’ and passion.

He knew the pain and challenges he would face when coming to earth. He accepted that those He had come to love, those He served, healed, and taught would betray Him and deny they even knew Him. At his darkest hour, fully knowing the kind of death he would endure, He  asked God :”Father, If you are willing, ‘take this cup from me, but not my will, but yours be done.”. Even then, at His lowest point, understanding He needed to fulfill the prophesy,  and suffer a  criminals’ death, He understood He needed to serve. He washed His disciples feet, and  offered His disciples one final teaching, a new commandment,: “Love one another as I have loved you.”

Following his death, His many followers, went into hiding, fearful for their own lives. They were heart broken and grieving. They realized their  human weaknesses in denying Him, betraying Him and doubting His prophesy. Undoubtedly, they felt disappointed that the man they believed to be the Messiah, the man they witnessed heal the sick and welcome  and turn the hearts of sinners had been crucified, unable to save himself from the fate He came here to fulfill. They wanted to ‘control ‘ the outcome, yet were helpless and ineffective in doing so. Chaos and evil had seemingly changed forever what they hoped for.  They had witnessed him heal the sick and raise Lazarus from the dead and yet now He was gone. They were hopeless, afraid, disillusioned and felt abandoned. Their world was falling apart.  Or was it falling into place?

To experience true growth, renewal, restoration or in this case Resurrection, we need to be willing to ‘die’ to those things that prevent us from being our best selves becoming all we were intended to be.Such things as greed, a critical spirit, judgment, blame, resentment, bitterness and un-forgiveness. As long as we are holding on to  such feelings or attitudes we are blocking the transformative power of   love and our own healing.

We have all endured moments of darkness, fear or grief. We have all certainly witnessed the evil  that is present in our current world and find ourselves coming up short for answers. Our human minds cannot, and were never designed to, understand  the complexity of this life. Many things are a mystery and we will not understand them fully, while we are still walking this earth.This is where our faith, a gift, is refined and tested.. Will we fall into the trap of thinking we need to explain and prove all circumstances? We never will.  God’s ways are higher and better than our ways and He intends for us to depend on Him and trust the outcome.  He never disappoints. In the end, love wins.

Have a Blessed Easter and Spring!